Specializing mainly in HVAC systems for pharmaceutical facilities, we conceive every one of our projects as a comprehensive unit, aiming to strike a balance among different plant services and utilities.

With this aim, seeking the most convenient solution for each project, we develop and deliver all necessary engineering services, catering to every company’s production needs and focusing on the different regulatory guidelines (ISO, GMP, FDA, EMEA, ASHRAE, SMACNA, ISPE).

We take part in every step of the project, addressing every need in a manufacturing facility.

We offer comprehensive project design services: starting with a general project outline, followed by a feasibility study, site location assessment and service availability evaluation. The stage of basic project design ensues until the final project is developed, with detailed plans and technical data sheets, design qualification documents, construction work management, and all necessary requirements for delivering any pharmaceutical facility project.

Our projects are classified into:

  • HVAC systems for ventilation and air treatment:
    • Air conditioning
    • Mechanical ventilation and extraction
    • Air handling units (AHU)
    • Localized extraction systems and dust extraction systems (dust collectors)
    • Chilled-water solutions for refrigeration (liquid cooling systems and chillers)
    • Direct expansion air-conditioning equipments
    • Steam and hot-water systems for heating (boilers)
    • Humidity control solutions (continuous dehumidifiers)
    • Electrical panels and installations for HVAC system
  • Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC):
    • Control panels and control modules
    • Control equipments and field elements (sensors, actuators, etc.)
    • Central monitoring and supervision systems
    • Programming, software and hardware elements
  • Plant utilities:
    • Water systems
    • Industrial condensing and steam systems
    • Compressed air systems
    • Electrical installations (medium and low-voltage, emergency power, gensets, automatic transfer, power factor correction, etc.)
  • Special services:
    • Water for injection (WFI)     
    • Pure water (PW)
    • Pure steam (PS)
    • Pharmaceutical compressed air (PCA)
    • Special gases: O2, N2, CO2, He
    • Vacuum
  • Architecture and construction work:
    • Block diagrams
    • Lay-out, production areas, circulation areas, warehousing, locker rooms, social areas and administrative support areas, etc.
    • Partition walls and enclosures
    • Coating and painting
    • Service shafts and point-of-use panels
    • Door interlocking systems
    • Lighting solutions
    • Structures and platforms