We offer preventive and corrective maintenance services for pharmaceutical systems and facilities.

Due to the high degree of specialization required in pharmaceutical installations, we developed a Preventive Maintenance Program which ensures proper operation, conservation and efficiency of pharmaceutical HVAC systems, providing the necessary documents for commissioning and validation.

These programs are particularly implemented and adapted for each pharmaceutical plant in terms of equipments and systems, whether they are TECNO INGENIERIA projects or not.

Based on this annual preventive maintenance program, all routine tasks are coordinated by issuing work order datasheets for recording all the latest developments, details and measurements.

All documents are duly classified and filed according to ISO standard 14644 part 4 (Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments) for "Facility Operation Qualification".

Finally, upon emergency calls, we provide prompt support to all our clients to swiftly address specific needs or temporary issues regarding plant systems and installations.

We are well aware of the serious issues caused by the interruption of any essential system in pharmaceutical production areas (HVAC systems, extraction systems, dehumidifiers, electrical systems, etc.). Therefore, we are committed to providing quality and responsible service.

Tecno Ingeniería serves the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.