We have served the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for over 15 years: our extensive professional background is a firm guarantee in every one of our projects, works and services.

In 1994, after taking part in various chemical plant projects and being in charge of the Engineering Department at a major multinational pharmaceutical company, we started providing external services for pharmaceutical facilities.

Our company, known as TECNO INGENIERIA as from 1998, has incorporated a varied team of professional specialists and has been exclusively dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry in the design, planning, assembly and construction of classified areas, controlled areas, production areas and pharmaceutical plants.

Our exclusive dedication, paired with our highly trained and qualified technical staff, has enabled us to successfully tackle numerous complex and intricate projects related to one of the most important aspects of medical laboratories: HVAC systems.

From the very beginning, we have gained our client’s trust by providing concrete solutions in the field of pharmaceutical air conditioning systems, ventilation and air treatment systems and direct digital control (DDC) systems.
We develop our projects taking into account all intervening aspects in terms of product “sensitivity” and “potentiality” and avoiding the possibility of cross-contamination. In this way, we define: classification grades, schedule resetting, product protection, environmental protection, user protection, pressure cascade, airflows, filtering stages and efficiency, air handling units (AHU) design and features, duct systems and all necessary equipment.

Our work, from design and planning to construction and startup, includes all complementary services directly related to HVAC systems, such as localized extraction systems and dust collectors, mechanical ventilation for gases or fumes, humidity control solutions and chillers, water heating systems, steam systems, electrical systems and their design.

Later on, in order to offer comprehensive solutions to fulfill the needs of pharmaceutical companies, we incorporated general plant services and plant utilities for pharmaceutical facilities.

Thanks to national and international regulatory and technological advances, we have the right experience and adequate support and technology to carry out various projects with great efficiency, also adapting the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to comply with the latest ISO, FDA, EMEA and WHO regulations and cGMP guidelines.

We have been members of ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering) and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) ever since we started.

Quality, speed and economy are the milestones of our work philosophy, based on a strong sense of responsibility and honesty.

We are presently dedicated to emerging and innovative pharmaceutical and biotech projects, and to providing technical support to numerous companies in the industry.

Tecno Ingeniería serves the Pharmaceutical Industry.